Before and After Eyelashes

At Laser Lipo Beauty we specialise in some of the very best natural-looking eyelashes, with our semi-permanent treatments designed to enhance and compliment your features. Take a look at our before and after gallery below and see for yourself the difference our eyelash extensions can make.

Almost impossible to distinguish from your own natural lashes, our eyelash extensions are applied individually, carefully chosen to suit your eyes and match your lash colour, giving you a flawless appearance that doesn't require mascara.

Create longer, thicker and fuller eyelashes

Light and comfortable, our Nouveau eyelash extensions provide your eyes with a fuller, darker lash appearance. Make your eyes more noticeable and change the way you feel - our extensions are carefully tailored to match and enhance our clients' features, creating beautiful, striking  new looks.

Our beauty technician Teresa will work to guarantee the best finish, and ensure that your new lashes blend seamlessly with natural ones. Don't rely on mascara to achieve more defined, fuller eyelashes - our professional application process is straightforward, and there's no discomfort.

We offer the very latest eyelash extensions in Surrey, and our regular maintenance sessions help you keep your new extensions looking good for longer.

Transform your look and book a free consultation with Laser Lipo Beauty today - call us on 07799 300 689.